Strategic International Business Development linked to Capital Markets

ONLY Uncorrelated "market-neutral" Alternative Investments. We don't refer to benchmarks. We only invest with investment managers who consistently create "large" positive returns, regardless of how the traditional stock and bond markets fluctuate.

Digitalization/Tokenization of Assets

2024 GBBC Buy-Side Ambassador

We actively collaborate with your company to reach your ambitious business development and financial goals. Running our own Beninvest Family Office, we know what Fiduciary Duty means.

Identify Goals

We can position, re-position and/or pivot the strategy of your company.

Bring Ideas to Life

We develop specific strategic international business development plans and help you bringing them to fruition.

Business Expansion

We support you in accessing the capital markets in order to have a sustained growth and keep your finances healthy.

Partner with us

Board Seat? Director Intl bus. dvlpt? Director Strategic Planning? ...

We are an extension of your internal team. We can actively collaborate with you in defining your strategy and the tools to implement it internationally. To make this happen successfully, we will assist you in accessing the international capital markets, one of our major strengths. We can help you "go public" by tokenizing assets and bringing these ownership tokens to the secondary marketplace.
We completed projects in 37 countries.

Why Beninvest?

We are a team of seasoned international business owners and growers, investment bankers, technology - marketing - sales experts.

Passion & Commitment
Honesty & Openness
Dedicated Team
Janine Lederman-Flammang, your 3rd generation private jeweler, the lovely wife of nearly 30 years of the Beninvest Founder